FAQ Microblading

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between microblading and standard tattooing?
Microblading uses a handheld pen with a tiny single-use blade to implant pigment into the epidermal layers of your skin in a hair stroking motion while traditional methods use a rotary machine to place ink in the dermal layer of the skin, causing permanence.
What are Powder Brows and how do they compare to Microblading?

We all know that microblading mimics life-like hair strokes for a naturally enhanced brow to take shape, create symmetry, and balance out flaws. While microblading works best on normal to dry skin, powder brows is the answer for oily skin. Powder brows dusts the first layer of skin with pigment for that make-up look that can be customized anywhere from modest and subtle to bold and fierce. Powder brows are great on any skin type, is less damaging to the skin, and has a slightly longer lifespan than microblading. 

What will it look like immediately after?

Directly after the appointment and for the following 48 hours your pigment will appear darker/sharper in shape/bold because of scabbing, this is normal. You may also experience some redness and swelling. Your skin will begin to peel for about five days. It’s important that you not pick or scratch during this period as you could lose a chunk of pigment prematurely, resulting in a bald patch. Once your brows have fully healed they may have a muted appearance, DO NOT PANIC! This will gradually diminish over the next couple of weeks and pigment will resurface.

How do we pick a shape and color?
We encourage clients to show up with zero make up on their face aside from filling their brows in like they normally would so that we can take into account how you prefer them to look. Clients are welcome to bring at least two photos of desirable brows. Your artist will take note of your face shape, bone structure, existing brow hair, brow and natural hair color, and underlying skin tone when constructing the shape and color.
Am I a good candidate?

There are a few reasons why you may not be a good candidate for microbladed eyebrows. We are not able to work on pregnant or breast-feeding women. We cannot tattoo over raised moles, abrasions, eczema, or hair transplants in the brow area. All candidates must be able to prove they are age 18 or older. We are not able to tattoo HIV, AIDS, or Hepatitis positives.

What should I do in preparation for the appointment?

Please refer to the Care Page for pre and post care instructions.

Will I need a touch-up?
While everyone heals differently, we do highly recommend a touch-up around 6-8 weeks following the initial appointment since best results are achieved on a two-appointment basis. The first appointment is the focus of implanting the first layer of hair strokes to achieve shape while the second is a detailing session where we would make any needed corrections and add density to really build the perfect brow for you. In some cases a third touch up may be needed, as everyones unique skin will vary in retention.
How long will my tattoo last?
Semi-permanent means that the tattoo will fade over time. Frequency of touch ups can depend on a number of things including: color of pigment (lighter pigments do not hold as long as darker pigments do), lifestyle (sun exposure), and if any chemical peels come into contact with the treated area. Keep in mind that no two people heal the same and this service is low-level invasive so results will vary and are NOT guaranteed. Multiple sessions are normal for cosmetic tatooing and any necessary changes will be made during follow ups.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and/or cash.
Can you do corrective work?

Corrective work is done on a strict case-by-case basis. All corrective clients must first email me with photos of their existing brows and get an approval before booking an appointment. NOTE: Failure to follow these steps before booking will result in your appointment being declined and forfeiting of your deposit.

What kind of products does Brow Me use?

We are a fully single-use disposable studio to ensure top safety and sanitization. Our blades and pigments are top of the line, made by Everlasting Brows and Tina Davies. Their unique hybrid pigments heal crisply so there is no blurring in the skin and they hold their true tones through the test of time, no pinkish or grayish fading as with iron-oxide pigments.

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